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Welcome Summer

Summer via LaWhimsyToday, June 21, marks the longest day of the year and come rain or shine, it’s also the brightest! Summer has never been my favorite season, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy it – or at least many of it’s positive traits. You know, things like lazy, long afternoons, cute sandals and crop-tops (Am I crazy for kinda totally loving this trend? My stomach may not  be ripped, but it’s plenty cute and I love it’s slightly soft, curved shape peeking out of the slight gap left between high rise skirts/shorts and crop-tops. Anyone else?), fairs and carnivals, the scent of sweet-grass in the hot afternoon, dancing in warm rain-showers and sprinklers, reading and lounging in well-shaded places (including hammocks!) and the precious memories of freedom and seemingly limitless time and possibilities that Summer always provided when I was younger. While work and life (adult stuff and the like, you know) may not allow for the same sort of Summer break that my school days did, the feelings are still there and the warmth whispers that promise and I savor it and feed at as much as I can. How do you celebrate and enjoy the Summer season?

Summer Solstice Art Collage by LaWhimsySummer Solstice art collage by LaWhimsy on Polyvore

Happy Summer Dreaming!

Namaste ~ Ella

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