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Word Nerd : Pluviophile

Word Nerd Header Apr 2016 via LaWhimsy


pluviophile word nerd via lawhimsyPluviophile is, admittedly, something of a made-up word since it has no official entry in any dictionary (The Urban Dictionary aside, since that can be a rather sketchy source.). The word pluviophile seems to be derived of the words pluvial (of or relating to rain) and phile (having a fondness for something).

singing in the rain pluviophile gif via lawhimsyWho doesn’t love “Singing in the Rain”?

Being a logophile I am all for a constantly changing, growing and adapting vocabulary and language, so a new word like pluviophile is quite the exciting discovery. It also happens that I am very fond of rain (as petrichor and mizzle show), so pluviophile fits perfectly into my personal lexicon!

Susie Slicker is a pluviophile via lawhimsy instagramCoraline (my Susie Slicker doll) is quite the pluviophile!

The lovely Spring showers that have been coming on and off the past few days have only enhanced my adoration for this new-found term and I am a happy pluviophile, indeed!

Namaste ~ Ella

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