Monday Mantras

Monday Mantras 6

Monday Mantras are positive words of wisdom, insight and joy to add a bit of cheer to the start of your week and any day you need a bit of a pick-me-up!MondayMantra6 via LaWhimsy

It’s simply one of those Universal truths ~ There are, and always will be, just as many reasons to be happy as there are to be unhappy. What makes the difference in life – Your Life – is which mindset you choose to have, which reasons you choose to focus on and give your energies to. Life is not easy. It’s not always sunshine and magic (trust me – my life has really been trying to drive this point home as of late!), however, even in the darkest of moments there is something that can bring you happiness, can remind you that even when the sky is overcast, the clear blue sky and sunshine are still there and will be out in full force again. Nothing is forever – but you are a constant in your own life, so focus on the good, the happy and be kind to yourself – everything will fall into place as it should, and maybe without as much misery and heartache.

Here’s to a New Week, with the focus on the many beautiful reasons to be Happy!

Namaste ~ Ella

*What do you think about this as a new feature here at LaWhimsy? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments ~ I love feedback!


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