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What I’ve Been Wearing : Part 2

What I've Been WearingI’m a bit annoyed by this week’s pictures. I was so good about remembering to snap a few pics after I got dresses and while they looked alright on my phone, I guess I just didn’t look close enough because all of the images were blurry, oddly crooked or just plain not very great. I weeded out the best ones and did what I could to make them look a bit presentable. At least I can say that I looked, and much more importantly felt, cute and put-together in all of these outfits!

SundayCasualThis is my casual, hang around the house Sunday look. The shorts and slippers are from American Eagle, the leg-warmers were a gift and the sweatshirt is from ModCloth, it’s the Creature Comforting Top by Brat and Suzie (I’ve actually blogged about it before here).

MondayMadnessMonday I was feeling all pattern-happy with jeans from American Eagle, a sweater-top I thrifted, a cardigan from Forever 21 and a pair of my favorite boots from ModCloth (they are the Follow the Cedar Boot in Stream). The peter-pan collar necklace and belt are both from Forever 21.

SweetTuesdayTuesday was a dress day! I thrifted this dress and it’s so comfy! The belt was my Mothers when she was a teenager and it’s one of my favorite wardrobe staples with it’s awesome brass buckle and perfect fit! The knee-socks are from goodness knows where and the boots are my ModCloth Follow the Cedar Boot in Medium-Brown. I actually have two pairs in this color because I love them so much! They are super comfortable, warm and they go with any and everything I own!

WednesdayWhimsyWednesday was a bit more casual, finding me in a sweatshirt tee from Aerie and my favorite pair of A&E jeans (no, I do not own stock in A&E, though I probably should look into it…tee-hee!). The headband was a gift and I was wearing a pair of old, short boots. Exciting, no?

ThursdayRetreadThursday saw me re-wearing last Friday’s sweater, along with jeans and my boots. Funny story, though – I was running some errands on this rather wet day when a gal came up to my car window to ask me where I got my sweater ’cause she loved it! It was kinda weird and totally flattering, to say the least! I’m actually one of those people who will compliment perfect strangers if I love something they are wearing or if their hair is awesome or just because, so it’s nice to sometimes get it back.

FridayCozyThen there is today – nothing to fancy, just some fairy-like coziness. The sweater is from a friend’s closet (“shopping” a friend’s closet is the best!), my jeans and my over-the-knee birthday boots that I blogged about here.

So, there’s my week in outfits. I swear that in real life I’m nowhere near as blurry and out of focus, but hey, with practice comes better things, so one of these days I’ll provide you with clean, clear, crisp shots…or so we can all hope, tee-hee!

Namaste ~ Ella

*I’ll be linking to sites when I cannot link to specific pieces. Hope nobody minds too much!


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