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What I’ve Been Wearing

What I've Been WearingWhile I’ve never quite been a big one for doing my own fashion or style posts before, I’ve always enjoyed reading other people’s and seeing their unique and terrific personal styles. It makes me really enjoy getting dressed and I’m fairly pleased with what my closet has to offer in terms of my own taste and look. My biggest issue with sharing it probably would be that I am no camera gal – not because I don’t know how to work a camera, but because I’ve never had much patience and taking pictures was never a big part of my life. I say was, because since starting this blog and getting a phone with fairly decent photo-taking features, I’ve begun to take pics a lot more regularly, though not usually of myself. I still feel like a goon in my own selfies, but I suppose practice makes perfect and so I figured, why not just jump in and start!?! So here I give you a few glimpses of what I’ve been wearing…

Gatsby Dreaming SweaterThis is what I like to call my “Gatsby Dreaming Sweater”. I picked it up last winter at Forever 21 and for it being a rather high collar, it’s comfy and cute. The beaded collar is a piece I got at H&M on the clearance rack for, like, a dollar (I also bought a light pink furry one, but I haven’t worn it yet). It’s a great piece for adding a certain “pop” to outfits!

Leslie Caron StyleThis is me being all cute and daring with a crop-top from American Eagle (one again a sale-rack score! The jeans and belt are also A&E). With it’s burgundy and cream stripes and it’s shape, I feel very Leslie Caron-ish. I actually don’t mind showing off a bit of my stomach (shocking, I know) and I felt all light, happy and preppy all day long in this outfit!

Minty Delight DressThis lovely dress is from the last ModCloth sale (you catching the pattern of me being a very thrifty shopper yet, tee-hee!). I wore it when Nelly was in for her surgery since she’s a bit on the wild puppy side and I’ve been scared of her tearing it. I’ve actually been very careful with what dresses I’ve been wearing since I got her since I don’t want any accidentally ruined. I figure the more delicate ones will keep nicely until she’s a bit calmer. I love those tights (from Target last year) and the shoes were a birthday gift (they were from Forever 21 and they are super comfy despite the 3-inch wedge).

Casual Friday StyleLast, but not least, is my outfit today, which I’m calling Casual, Cozy Friday Style. The sweater and shorts are both fromAmerican Eagle (the sweater is from last winter and I have it in two other colors – blue and white) and the shorts are the festival short from this summer (and they were a major sale score since they were supposed to be $50 and I snagged them for $10 – Yeah, I know how to do it right!). I added the leg warmers since it’s a bit chill out and I’m not sure where they are from since I’ve had ’em forever.

So there you have it, a slight peek at what I’ve been wearing for the past two weeks or so. I hope you enjoyed it and I hope everyone has a grand weekend!

Namaste ~ Ella

*I was only able to link to the actual sites and not to specific pieces since I couldn’t find them listed anymore. I am sorry about that!


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