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Mentality Poem

Dazed and Confused by PaperbackWriter-mimi on DeviantART


Scattered thoughts
like so many leaves
Shuffled by even the lightest breeze
Focus a moving kaleidoscope
mind a colorful blur
 Bits and pieces form in a whirl
Why can’t I find it
Where did it go
Can I ever touch what I need to know?
Others rely on me
yet oblivious I move about
Never quite hearing or seeing their shouts.
I will get the better
of my wandering mind
I will gain focus
and I will thrive.
Never a crutch
Not an excuse
Just a quirk and not a noose.
Scattered thoughts
and colorful blurs
yet focus shall come and my mind will work.
                                                             ~ Ella
The Glass Menagerie / Lisa Krannichfeld
Just a poem I felt like writing. I’ve been thinking about the way my mind works and it’s particular quirks (I have been diagnosed as having A.D.H.D.) and how it affects those I truly care about and this just flowed. Do you ever feel like maybe your mind works in a way that doesn’t always mesh with the world and people around you? How do you deal with it?
Namaste ~ Ella

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