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The Heat is Melting my Mind


Alright, so maybe that title is a wee bit extreme and I’m sure there are plenty of others suffering just as much, if not more so, then I am, but still. I really, really don’t do heat and humidity well. I get all weird and whiny and cranky and fairly difficult to live with. With that in mind, I give you this post which will mostly consist of a few images I took and decided to share, because my mind is too melted from the heat to be able to come up with anything that’s truly worth writing about…okay, fine, I have plenty of things to talk about, I’m just being cranky and lazy, tee-hee.


First off, check out this blazing inferno! I caught sight of it from my studio window on Monday and snapped a few pics of the admittedly awesome smoke plumes. I didn’t find out until two days later (thank you lack of decent news reporting) that it was an abandoned building complex that somehow caught fire. Luckily, no one was injured and all the firefighters who were on the scene were alright as well, bless their hearts working in such extreme heat!


This pics shows the wonderful topknot hairstyle I’ve been rocking since it’s too hot to do anything else with my thick, wavy mane of hair. Notice the purple – this is wild for me folks! It runs up the back under-layer of my hair and all the ends are dipped with it. This pic is a few weeks old, so the color has faded quite a bit, though you can still tell it’s there. I figure I’ll touch it up once the worst of the heat has passed, so like the middle of August or so.


This happy shot was taken out the window just the other night. I thought the clouds looked so lovely and the sky had such a dreamy tone to it. All those birds happened to take flight just as I snapped and I am quite delighted that they did – just a bit everyday magic to bring a smile to the soul!

GhostFeetbyLaWhimsy“Ghost Feet” by LaWhimsy

Last, but not least, is this image of my feet that came out all blurry. Instead of junking it (which is stupidly easy to do with digital pics – don’t like it, trash it, no biggie) I decided to play around with it and I came up with this. Now I am all enamored of blurry, not so great pics and all of the promise they hold for artistic play. Looking at something with fresh eyes and a different perspective can be such a game changer and can really stretch the creative juices!

Here’s to a Happy Weekend and hopefully a break to this heat wave!

Namaste ~ Ella


2 thoughts on “The Heat is Melting my Mind”

    1. Ashley, I use Splat Lusty Lavender hair color along the under-layer of my hair and along the ends. It peeks out rather prettily when my hair is down and when I pull it up (like in a top knot) the purple is really visible.

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