Weekday Wrap-Up

WeekDay Wrap-Up 19: Busy, Busy

My Sunlit Landing

It’s been quite the week and once again I found myself away from computer access for an entire Friday again. I usually try to keep my computer-off times to the weekend, but sometimes life has other ideas and I can do nothing more than go with the flow and make the best of it (which is usually not all that difficult to achieve – happiness is a choice, dont’cha know). I’ve been continuing with my instagram obsession (find me under Lawhimsy or here on line), though I do try and limit myself a wee bit. It’s just so wonderful to be able to catch all those tiny, sweet moments of beauty, joy, delicacy and silliness and then share them in various ways (after cropping and maybe adding a filter).

A Worried Looking WeikyOkay, so Weiky wishes I would just stop taking pics and just cuddle him already, tee-hee!

I did spend plenty of time this week doing my best to tap back into my creative by sketching (see here and here) and it’s something I am going to be pushing myself to do so it becomes a habit. It sounds weird to think that I have to push myself to do something I enjoy, but drawing is one place that I have several doubts about my skill in (due to a few, let’s say uninspiring, art teachers from my youth). I’m getting there, though, and I’m finding that drawing can be quite a relaxing and free-feeling experience if I just let myself go.

Earl Nightingale Quote

I also started an autobiography of Mary Pickford (Sunshine and Shadow). It’s a gentle, light read and full of interesting tid-bits about her life. She is really a fascinating person and I am looking forward to finding out more about her and finding a biography or two about her.

Mary Pickford 1920's

I’m now off to see what the weekend holds in store for me. I hope it’s a grand one for y’all!

Namaste ~ Ella

*Most images link to either my Flickr, Pinterest or Tumblr, however each is sourced and I provided direct links below each when I can.


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