Weekday Wrap-Up

WeekDay Wrap-Up 18: To Market, To Market

retro dancing pattern gif*Happy Dance Approximation*

This weekend is the big flea market and I am one happy camper (see happy dance above – is this not one of the most awesome gifs in the history of, like, ever?!?!). I get to wake up early, slather myself in a ton of sunblock, wander amongst the zany throngs in the heat searching for unknown treasure, eat yummy treats (hello frozen cheesecake on a stick) and just have a great time. It is seriously a fun time and worth any sticky, sunblocky hassle (anyone else really dislike using sunblock, yet know they must in order to avoid a nasty burn…sigh).

Ruth Eastman, All American backIf only it were so easy to stay dry and cool…

In other weekday news, I missed my weekday wrap-up last week due to a round of thrift-store shopping. There wasn’t a lot to choose from (apparently right before Memorial Day weekend is major thrifting time around here) but I still managed to find a few great things, including a stack of books (hooray, Summer reading!), a magical pincushion, a set of small metal trays and a lovely chair for the studio.

Thrifting Collage

Oh, I also finally got myself an iPhone and I am obsessing a bit over it. Instagram is the best (but everyone knew that already, I’m sure). You can find me under Lawhimsy or if you don’t have instagram here. I’d love to have a few followers and I love to follow others so feel free to say hi and know you won’t be ignored!

I'm such a dork! I’m such a DORK!

Well now, here’s a happy goodbye to May and a bright hello to June!

Hello June by lawhimsy on Polyvore

Have a whimsical weekend!

Namaste ~ Ella

*Most images link to either my Flickr, Pinterest or Tumblr, however each is sourced and I provided direct links below each when I can.


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