Weekday Wrap-Up

WeekDay Wrap-Up 14: Sleepy Spring

A sleeping Beauty (Maya Deren)

It’s truly astonishing how within the span of two weeks we went from 8inches of snow to cherry-blossoms in full bloom and a green hazy covering the mountain sides. Hanami  party season is in full swing and here I am, enjoying the beauty to be sure, but also suffering from my own migraine woes.


I am more than grateful that my woes are so basic and my heart goes out to Boston and Texas and everyone who had been affected. I’m sure the hectic energy vibes in the air have not been helping my head any. I am so sensitive to energy shifts like these, not to sound super hippy-dippy, but we are all connected and I believe we can all feel the constant energy shifts and pulses to varying degrees. When tragic and upsetting events such as those of this past week occur, it can be a real shock to the system – mentally, physically, emotionally and subconsciously.

Universal Connection

I find a certain comfort in knowing that hero’s and wonderful, helpful people always rise to the occasion and that their goodness actually shows the very best of human nature in such situations and that does provide a certain balm and quiet pride to these otherwise daily-life shattering sort of events. I do retain a deep sense of peace in knowing that given a chance, most people will actually prove to be wonderful, caring and giving of themselves and that while individuals may try to destroy that faith, they are always ultimately proven to be nothing more then scared, sick, mentally unhinged cowards. All that said, I think I will focus a bit more on pleasant things to provide a brighter outlook for the weekend…

wonder and awe collage
What deep, wondrous being we mere mortals can be…

I have been waking up to the most delightful view from my bedroom window, though I’m afraid that the blossoms will be gone after this weekend since the wind’s been blowing and it’s been raining a bit.

Summer Blossoms from my window by LaWhimsy

I’ve been slowly making progress on my studio and I think that re-doing the space and refreshing the decor has been a great thing since I can slowly feel my creative juices flowing again. I have been pinning a good deal (well, actually, I’ve been liking pins and have to go back and sort through to make sure links are sound and assess which board I want them in. Oh, what do you think of the newish Pinterest set-up? The only thing I don’t care for is that I am having a dickens of a time tracing a pin back to the original pinner and what board they have it pinned on – am I the only one?)

In Anticipation of Summer art

Here’s to less headaches and more joy- in every aspect of life!

Namaste ~ Ella

*Most images link to either my Flickr, Pinterest or Tumblr, however each is sourced and I provided direct links below each when I can.


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