Weekday Wrap-Up

WeekDay Wrap-Up 11: Spring and Snow

Art for Esquire Magazine 1940’s

Spring has officially begun, as mentioned here, but wouldn’t you know it, Thursday morning I was greeted with a light blanket of snow covering everything. That, my friends, is pure craziness – even if it’s not exactly an unheard of phenomenon.

Blue Spring Bride by keszeg agnes

Well, despite the rather frigid temperatures (and what looks like yet another batch of up-coming snow flurries) I am in full-on Spring Fever mode! I am getting out my Spring decor (so many bunnies!!!) and gearing up for some pleasant Spring-cleaning. I find the whole idea of cleaning to be refreshing and almost meditative (even if it can be dirty and sometimes I am a lazy git about it, tee-hee). I’m loving this bright, easy how-to from The Glitter Guide (it’s even print-outable!).

Home Sweet Home

The one somewhat down-side to this weather would be the migraines it keeps bringing with it. I’ve been suffering quite a bit this week (though I am beyond grateful that it was after the weekend that it got bad) and I have a feeling I will be at least until this next system moves through. I do what I can to ease the pain (think warm drinks, plenty of water, baths, cozy blankets, kitty and puppy cuddles, etc) and go from there, so you won’t hear me complaining too very much. What do you do to help headaches and body aches?

Warm Tea

On a very pleasant note, I’ve been spending part of the week enjoying some of the gifts I received for my birthday. Between the books and my new favorite album (My Maudlin Career by Camera Obscura), I’ve been very content.

Play On...

I hope everyone has an enjoyable and hopefully warm weekend!

Namaste ~ Ella

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