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A Morning’s Work

Lovely Lady by Władysław Teodor “W.T.” Benda

It’s a wonderful Monday, the start of a fresh new week filled with all sorts of goodness just waiting to happen and I, after finally getting that proverbial monkey off my back by declaring my opting out of the stitch-a-long, felt a rush of inspiration and set my needle and thread straight to work…

A Morning's Work 1

Here we have the results of a semi free-hand face. I sketched a pencil version in my sketchbook and then went all artsy by just sort of winging it with my fine point Mark-B-Gone pen (not my favorite to actually get out of fabric, but it was all I had on hand) and going from there. Then I stitched him up, stuffed him and made a pom-pom mane…

A Morning's Work 2

Too cute, right?! The darling fits right in the palm of my hand and is charming. I think his name is Chesterfield, after crazy uncle, of course. Chesterfield is missing ears here and I knew just how to fix it…with some needle-felting!

A Morning's Work 3

Ta-da! I used the reverse side of the two pieces I needle-felted together so that the ears were fluffy and the I whip-stitched them on and fluffed the mane a bit. I absolutely adore the outcome and now I’m think that perhaps Chesterfield may want a body, though right now He’s content being a cute little head.

That’s quite a morning’s work and I’m feeling very accomplished and content too! Happy Monday!

Namaste ~ Ella


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