Weekday Wrap-Up

WeekDay Wrap-Up 7: Happiness

Happiness, while maybe not quite as easy as simply deciding to be in a good mood and therefore you are, is still a choice, and I have to say that I have been in a fairly splendid mood all week long. Sure, I’ve been feeling a touch under-the-weather (I think I’ve had a slight cold) and I have been beyond clumsy and ditzy (I’m beginning to think that ditz may just be a *ahem* charming character trait of mine) but on the whole I’ve been happy and it’s  been awhile since I felt this way. I mean really and truly felt this deep, peaceful sense of happiness. I am beyond grateful to those who pushed for me to get back on the anti-depressants since I know those are what helped tip me back to center (depression runs in the family and I finds it nothing to be ashamed of and I am glad to seek help when I need it – sometimes, though, a bit of outside help is needed to fully recognize the issue (also getting on insurance again or getting my butt to the free-clinic, hehe). I digress a bit, since this is suppose to be a wrap-up, not a field-trip into my psyche (fun though that may be, lol). So moving on…

My Score

This is the top and pair of pants that’s I’ve been spazzing out about scoring with my 40% off card plus an addition 40% off clearance at American Eagle. I’ve had my eye on the pants since I am a bit floral pattern happy (I see them as a neutral, but I am crazy like that) but there was no way I was going to spring full price on them and – hooray – patience won the day! The sweater was a total surprise and I’m all cozied up in it right now.


I also made a quick stop into Michaels and I am now the delighted owner of some washi tape – and I think I am now addicted! It’s just so pretty and useful and neat and soooo much fun to play and craft with!

Pins by namolio on Flickr

Speaking of crafting and creating, I think I’m going to actually not do the Edward Gorey stitch-a-long. It’s been a difficult decision, but right now I need to give my time and attentions to my projects and if I’m not having to stress out about the stitch-a-long, well it would make it easier (yeah, I stress out easily and for some reason this particular project was really causing a mental and creative road-block for me…sigh).

I’m actually kind of glad to get that off my chest and since that weight feels a bit lifted, I think I might try and find some time today to curl up with “A Treasury of Royal Scandals” (that’s the terribly hilarious and naughty cover art by Peter de Seve ). It’s certainly an overcast, bit of winter white on the ground, cold as heck so might as well curl up with a good book sort of day.

cozytimeHope everyone has a chance to kick back and relax a bit this weekend!

Namaste ~ Ella

*Most images link to either my Flickr, Pinterest or Tumblr, however each is sourced and I provided direct links below each when I can.


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