Weekday Wrap-Up

WeekDay Wrap-Up 6: I Love Love

It’s been quite the week filled with laughter, baking, silliness and love. I really enjoyed Valentine’s Day this year – not because I have a boyfriend or anything (’cause I don’t, but whatever) but because I have a wonderful friend and plenty of other people to share the joy and love with. Sure, I don’t need a special day to share that love and joy, but it sure is fun to have a day to celebrate. It’s all those great little things that make it so terrific and I, for one, want to keep on doing those little things to bring smiles and a bit of whimsy to everyone I care about – no matter the time or day. Yes, I want to keep up the happy momentum of this week and to start I’ll share a few of the things I delighted in…

While searching for Valentine’s to print out and glitter-up (you better believe I still have glitter everywhere!) I found this gorgeous fashion Illustration by designer Laura Su. It’s just so beautiful and the color, oh!

Then I got this sent to me as a Valentine – It’s Grumpy Cat and She’s in a heart rain-shower ~ isn’t that the most darling and hilarious thing?! I adore Tardar and think she is quite the little cutie, even with her sweet, grumpy pout!

Aren’t these flocked vintage forget me nots just the most lovely and delicate things? I would love a set of them to display in one of my many ceramic pots, all happiness and Spring-time.

Oh, and How great is this?! I mean, sure it’s totally random since it comes from this cute Etsy Shop, but still, maybe I should run for president…of cute puppies and kitties! Lame, sure, but I’m still giggling, tee-hee! I love it when I get and Etsy e-mail and there is something like this in it – they always make for great inspiration breaks!

Well, that’s it for now ~ Happy Weekend and President’s Day Everyone!

Namaste ~ Ella

*Most images link to either my Flickr, Pinterest or Tumblr, however each is sourced and I provided direct links below each when I can.


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