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A Fine Frenzy for my Ears

Look what arrived in my mailbox yesterday – A Fine Frenzy’s latest album “Pines“!  I have been waiting quite eagerly for it’s arrival and I’ve already listened to it several times (background music first for baking, then for making dinner and then for working on my October Stitchalong (which is now done – look for the post about it tomorrow!).) It’s another lovely set of songs that thrill my spirits, though I have to say that nothing has ever moved me as much as the very first album, “One Cell in the Sea”.

This album feels and sounds so very much like the essence of ME! The whimsical, fairytale-esque lyrics, the melodies and rhythms, Alison Sudol’s voice, just everything. I often have that CD nearby and I play it all the time. I have always adored music and I enjoy having noise (pleasant, usually soft, noise, mind) playing in the background of my day-to-day life, but “One Cell in the Sea” touched me in a way nothing else had before. It came to me in a time in my life when I was coming back into the person I always was but had just hidden away from others for awhile. It helped me to re-embrace the whimsical, almost child-like joy and delight that my everyday held and still holds (hmmm, I’ve lost that way of thinking a bit as of late and writing this just now makes me realize just how nice and how much more me that so very truly is).

Sounds of Nature by Terry Fan

Back to “Pines”, I have to say I am enjoying it’s unique flavor and I do love how each A Fine Frenzy album has been different from the last. You know about “One Cell in the Sea” and “Bomb in a Birdcage” grew on me gradually. All three will no doubt (oh, I love their latest too!) be in my must have music list (do I sense another blog post, why yes I think I do!) for years to come. Does anyone else listen to A Fine Frenzy? What do you like about her music?

Play on, Music Lovers, Play on.

Namaste ~ Ella


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