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It’s Spooktacular

Sebastian is getting into it

The house is alive with the joys of holiday decorating once again – and it’s not just any holiday decorating, it’s Halloween spooktacular decorating!

Between the various ghouls and ghosties downstairs and the spiderwebs and bats upstairs, the house feels eerily perfect.

Of course, a certain sense of humor is needed to fully “get” the kookily delightful decor choices…

Though that is something that can be learned, I suppose, tee-hee!

Fluffy is thrilled to be back out and lurking about with her fellow creepy pals…

and the Sockingtons, Jack and Willyfred are back along with their Sock-o-Lantern pal…

Crispin is hanging about, though he gave his wings to Sebastian (as seen in my attempt at an easy-peasy gif above)

And my darling Jojo is in the midst of it all, demanding attention and adoration (check out her wee kitty tongue barely poking out – she’s such a sweet diva!).

Is anyone else having a blast decorating and enjoying the fun of the season?

Happy Halloween!

Namaste ~ Ella


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