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Headaches Lead to Inspiration – Or, what I did instead of what I probably should’ve been doing

It’s Friday and a rather pleasant one at that since the sky is blue, the humidity has broken and the day promises to be warm in a last day of Summer kind of way. I am glad of such a day, minus the fact that this weather has been doing my poor head in and in doing so has robbed me of my desire and ability to do much since my mind is all swimy and my focus is shot. I was going about my morning just fine until I happened upon a link to Pinterest and that was all she wrote. I swear time ceased to be as I wandered about, quite merrily, discovering one awesome idea after another. Inspiration began sending sparks flying about my muddled brain and before I knew it, it was afternoon and I was still buzzing about the various boards I had just found, their various treasures spilling out and providing me with an overabundance of sheer creative delight. I figured I might as well share some of the bounty and let the  inspiring magic spark a few flames for all of you, too. Enjoy…

I about died when I spotted these adorable Pine Cone Lions. They originate from the Etsy site WAWAYA and they don’t have a DIY, but I think I could figure a way to create my own version of these cuties.

This is actually a link for how to make and use your own cold porcelain and I have to say that Memi The Rainbow is a fantastic blog and she has a bunch of other cute tutorials up too!

While not a tutorial, Wild Olive has these darling, free printable thread bobbins and now I want to print out a bunch and organize my new floss!

I am loving this idea and I am going to be on the lookout for old, lonely teacups and other cups at the thrifts for my take on this.

This wool-felt cutie is a DIY by Pip’s Poppies and I want to make one super bad…so now I need to learn how to needlefelt!

How totally awesome is this Travel Activity Case made from an old book?!? The DIY is from Cosmo Cricket and it looks fairly manageable to do and customizing it would be super easy too.

This also isn’t a tutorial, rather it’s Zakka Inspired’s embroidered take on a kawaii doll face pouch. I am in love with it’s sweetness and I am itching to do something similar, though maybe not a pouch since I have yet to tackle zippers.

These darling paper mache tea cups from Ann Wood are fantastic and I’m thinking a garland of them would make for a fairly fantastic decor piece, no?

Seriously, my head is spinning (and not just from my meds). These are but a taste of all that I saw and re-pinned and liked today and I have a feeling more will be following! There are toys, dolls, stuffies, cloths, photos, decor delights, holiday inspirations and more just waiting to strike a cord in my zany, whimsical mind. Isn’t getting lost in the whirl of Pinterest such a marvelous time-suck?!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Namaste ~ Ella


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