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Back-To-Schedule Time

Yesterday marked my first day with my new Autumn into Winter Schedule and let me tell you, I am stoked! No, truly, I am. I have long been the sort who likes and actually needs a schedule to keep my otherwise frantic, mad-scrambled mind clear and calm (or at least as close to calm as it’ll ever be, tee-hee). Summer usually means a much looser, sometimes lost schedule for me and between that and the heat, I usually wither up and get all crank-spanky. This year wasn’t as bad as years past, but still I am delighted to be regaining a set, yet still reasonably flexible, order to my days. Besides, I don’t know about any of you, but thanks to years of school (traditional and otherwise), this time of year is forever ingrained as a wonderful, fresh start. Since I don’t do official schooling anymore, I went out and did a bit of Back-to-Schedule supply shopping instead.

I got pens (and not just black or blue ink, but colored inks too!), notebooks (those floral composition books are college ruled and were a dollar apiece – score!), mini-notebooks and more.

See, my craft-studio desk is all ready! BTW, those colored-pencils and flower-topped pencil are made of actual recycled tree-branches – how cool is that?!? I was beyond excited when I found them at Marshalls for a steal because I had seen similar images of such things floating about tumblr and imgfave and now I have some of my very own ~ Yay!

I also got some more embroidery thread (major sale – five dollars each, otherwise forgetaboutit – those sets of DMC floss are expensive!) and a neat little kit to needle-felt a bunny. I am hoping that this kit with it’s molds will help me figure out needle-felting (my attempts so far have not been the greatest). I’ll give a review of it once I’ve used it.

So that’s my Back-to-Schedule supply list. Does anyone else feel that this is a time of year for fresh starts? Did anybody else go out and buy a few school/craft supplies even if they aren’t in school anymore?

Here’s to a great new week and Schedule!

Namaste ~ Ella


6 thoughts on “Back-To-Schedule Time”

  1. I LOVE buying school supplies. Even though school is long over for me, I had to buy some stuff this year for a new job that requires a lot of note taking and studying. I got colored pens too ;-P

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