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Whimsy About the House ~ Or I spent some time playing with Cameras

Taking pictures of random things can be fun, entertaining, and can spark many a creative burst. It can help you look at your everyday surroundings with new eyes. I’ll often wander about thinking to myself “Hey! That would make a great shot.” or “I’d like to take a picture of that!” and sometimes I’ll actually do just that. Instagram has been a favorite it taking quick, fun, instant (go figure, tee-hee) pics, but in order to use it I have to get the iPad and it’s almost always being used by someone (the pains of sharing ’cause you’re too poor to buy yourself a several hundred dollar gadget because you like an app are numerous, let me tell you. hehe). I do have a few other digital cameras that I use, though they both have their own quirks. One is a Nikon Coolpix S70 that was rescued from the lost and found after languishing there for 6 months unclaimed (My Dad brought it home ’cause he gets first dibs) and the other is a Canon Rebel XT that is considered the “family” camera but I have laid a claim on it and am slowly learning how to use it.  That said, here’s a bit from the Instagram since I have yet to edit pics taken with the other two cameras. Enjoy!

Like this long ago thrifted find of a unicorn table lighter.

A Collection of scarves as they hang in my room.

A few of my journals and my beloved Disney Box from my last trip to Disneyland before I moved to the East Coast.

My Happy Feet decked out in a pair of my favorite socks as I lounge in my Craft Studio (Check out my May girl hanging out on the awesomeness that is the thrifted chair).

Artemis hanging out look so regal .

A totally awesome, really old fan that could easily take off a finger or two if turned on.

I am by no means a photographer and I have an extreme respect for those who can create art with their mad skills. I just like great pictures of pretty, whimsical, awesome, bizarre, random things and since the house and my life is full of such things, I do what I can to capture what my eyes and mind see.

Yes, these very eyes and the mind that lurks behind them.

Does anyone else feel that way when taking pictures?

Namaste ~ Ella


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