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AugustStitchalong ~ Step One is Done

Little Passion-Fruit

Over the weekend I managed to finish up part one of my take on the August Stitchalong. The tease of a glimpse I provided here was even featured over on Feeling Stitchy along with the other darling ones that have been shared so far (and let me tell you they are all beyond fantastic ~ do be sure to check them out!).

I am thrilled with this little Passion-fruit inspired lady (actually, I chose the colors first and a friend pointed out the passion-fruit likeness. It was kismet!)!

Could my color choices be anymore apt?!

I truly enjoyed every minute of stitching her. I cannot wait to finish her up and share just what it is my whimsically squirrely mind devised.

Well, not exactly…

Oh, and I also managed to finally(!) finish my “Stitch Like Jagger” June Narwhal. Hooray! I used a bit of padding, a cardboard center, a blue felt backing and a braided twine “hanger” and slightly glue-gun singed fingers aside, I adore the outcome.


Yes, it’s been an eventful weekend and morning (I have about a million other little triumphs that I am delighted by and it’s only 2pm on a Monday ~ I love weeks that start like this!).

I hope that everyone else has a grand week and a whimsical day!

Namaste ~ Ella



3 thoughts on “AugustStitchalong ~ Step One is Done”

    1. Thank you so much! I actually combined floss colors to create my own color blends for the entire piece and I used good old crayons to color-tint it before I started to stitch.

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