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Back-to-Schedule Shopping and Other Whimsical Things

My New FB Timeline Header ~ I finally made the switch!

The energetic vibes that last week’s weather switch provided are still with me (as is the gorgeous weather, joy!). I have been busy as can be this week, planning out my new schedule, doing some back-to-schedule shopping (you just can’t beat the prices on notebooks, pens, crayons, etc this time of year), changing up some of my page designs (What do you think of the cork-board background? Oh and I finally got timeline on Facebook.) and then wrapping each day up by doing some soothing work on the stitchalong!

I’m such a Tease!

I am thoroughly enjoying how this little lady is turning out and each evening sees a new part of her come alive. I started at the head and I am working my way down. I’ve even gone all hard-core and have been working with two needles at a time (so as to utilize two colors at the same time in the same stitch. Crazy-pants of me, perhaps, but the results cannot be argued with!)!

Double Trouble!

I’ve also made some time to snap some pics of the beyond fantastic embroidery floss find that I scored at the thrift a few weeks back (it’s all DMC thread I believe and it came already neatly wrapped, numbered, and sorted in the two boxes, yay!). I was just thinking that I needed to upgrade to some better floss and *bam* the embroidery fairies delivered!

Oh, and I’m getting a post ready to share with you all the tale of the infamous and rather nefarious Gummi Bear Pimp Bandit and his wee side-kick Kidnapper! *Dun-Nah* (that’s supposed to be evil, thrilling music – now you hear it, hehe).

So is anyone else starting to feel excited about the upcoming Autumn and all it has in-store?

Whimsical Wishes and Namaste ~ Ella


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