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Feeling that thing called Inspiration…

I am starting to feel that stirring of creativity and the actual desire to put it into motion again. The doldrums of Summer are starting to wane and I am totally thanking this sweet weather that has wandered into this area. This morning I awoke to bright blue skies with the fluffiest of white clouds dotting it here and there, a gentle sort of warmth to the air, a mellow breeze that holds the merest hint of Autumn in it’s current and the greatest blessing of all – comfortable humidity levels ~ YAY!

Time to Awaken

Now all of the ideas that have been whirling about in my head are eager to be made real and, goodness, are there ever a lot. I even have a new stitchalong to take part in (it’s another delightful cutie of one and I already know what the end results will be for mine!). I’m also working on an embroidery pattern of my own (squirrels will be involved, that’s all I’ll say) and have, oh I don’t know, about a half-dozen more things I want to embroider. Then there are the back-to-schedule planning and actions I want to implement (here and in my daily life), the various projects I want to tackle (hello wardrobe sort-out), the day-trips and adventures I want to go on (for me every time I go out can qualify as an adventure, especially if a certain pal of mine is involved) and just all of the fun Autumn things to look forward to. This is the start of my favorite time of year and even though I’m sure the weather will still be a bit Summery for awhile yet, I’m already feeling the magic of the new, upcoming season. Anyone else a bit burned out by Summer (literally or figuratively)?

Namaste ~ Ella


3 thoughts on “Feeling that thing called Inspiration…”

  1. Wow it’s like I’ve got a string just under my left rib cage that connects to…oh alright! It’s a URL but still Love your spike of the creative! Keep it up lovely!

    …and as for the beauty thang…I’m trying! 😉

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