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Summer Dead Zone

Oh deary my ~ I’ve fallen into the Summer Dead Zone* and it’s a lazy, hazy world where it’s strange to truly be doing anything at all and yet doing nothing is not exactly what’s been happening either. It’s all a muddle, really, and I have been slowly making my way back to my version of decently normal sanity (which is, to some, not normal at all, but I suppose that’s the truth of everyone’s take on normal, no?). I’ve been spending time on Pinterest (Which is addicting) and Tumblr (Which is super addicting) and thinking, which, for me, is usually a dangerous past-time.

This time, though, it’s mostly been good since I’ve been mulling over some ideas for the blog. Nothing too drastic, just a few new features that I think could be fun and show a bit more of what makes me “ME”. I’m thinking of a book and movie review feature (though really, it will be more of me sharing my thoughts on the various and quirky things I read and watch), an Icons feature (This will share the people I adore and my passion for history), a weekly discovery feature (a total copy feature from a few of the blogs I really like but with my touches on it, natch), a weekly artsy/crafty feature from my workspace and maybe one that showcases other artists and crafters that I admire and aspire to be as awesomely creative as. Those are just a few and if anyone has any suggestions for anything else, please share – I’m always open to new ideas! I’ll be implementing the features in the next few weeks since it’s almost back-to-schedule time (no more official school for me, but the back-to-something pull is still strong at this time of year, hehe) and what better time to start something new!

Spanish Flowers by Mangochutney on Flickr

Happy Days and Namaste ~ Ella

*The Summer Dead Zone is that time of quiet, almost eerie inactivity that seems to occur at some point during the summer months, whether due to Summer distractions or just the soporific late Summer days.


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