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JulyStitchalong 2012 ~ Honey Bear Happiness

Now I don’t know about all y’all but Summer weather is not exactly my cup o’ tea. To be more precise – hot, humid, sticky, icky weather that simply cannot decide whether to be sunny, cloudy, rainy, windy or all of above at the same dang time (when the sky is sunny and it’s raining, you know you’ve got kooky weather) makes me cranky and completely unmotivated. Obviously I managed to gather up enough follow-through to complete this month’s Stitchalong, which has an absolutely darling mix of vintage patterns.

Gathering My Supplies

After a bit of consideration I picked two of the cutie-pie bears and then went all free-hand style and appliqued felt cutouts of them unto a piece of colorful fabric (the same fabric I used to back my May Stitchalong!). I just sort of followed the stitch lines on the images I had of them, looking back an forth as I went.

How cute are these darlings?!

My intent was to then take the finished piece and back it with the small 8inx10in canvas I had on hand but before I could do that I felt it needed a little something more. I didn’t want to add the flower or jump-rope (the felt wasn’t cooperating with me at the time. I swear it can be so temperamental…or is that me…anyhoo, hehe) but I thought a ball would be great and maybe a phrase would also be nice and since Honey Bear Happiness kept popping into my head as I worked I figured why the heck not. I free-hand stitched the words, though I did use a piece of clear tape to mark a straight line (It works great since you can easily move it or cut it when you get to a letter that needs to go below the line, like the y in honey). In hindsight I think a different color of floss would’ve worked better so that the words didn’t get so lost, but the end result is still quite cheerful, so I’m fairly happy with it (aren’t we all our own pickiest judges, doh!).

I Wish it wasn’t quite so hard to read, though in-person it’s easier than in the picture.

Actually getting started may have taken me some time, but once I got going I felt the creative juices start to pick up and I’m feeling a bit more motivated to do some of my own projects again, despite the still not so great weather. I hope everyone is finding ways to enjoy their Summer and here’s to Happy Stitching and Creating!

Namaste ~ Ella


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