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Mid-Year Stitchalong Joy

Here it is, ladies and gents, my half-year of completed stitchalongs from Feeling Stitchy! It’s hard to believe that half of the year  is now all but gone, but now I have an embroidered memory of each month. Being the self-taught, newbie embroider that I am, I am feeling rather proud of myself for sticking to it and completing the six wonderful stitchalongs that have been presented so far. Each one gave me a new challenge and a new skill (or two or three) to take on, tackle and make my own.

Janstitchalong2012 ~ Whimsy

The January Stitchalong (which still hangs across the bottom of my inspiration board) was my first run-in with a couching stitch and using letters.

FebStitchalong2012 ~ Love is Stitchy

The February Stitchalong was a delightful piece and after working with the wire, I admire Camilla’s dexterity all the more since doing only the word love was a challenge for me and she did a whole phrase! This also marks my first use of a satin stitch.

Marchstitchalong2012 ~ Festive

The March Stitchalong was charming and oh, so fitting since March is my birthday month. I was only able to fit in one of the four darling patterns and I chose the pinata. This was also one of the first times I used multiple colors and stitches in a single piece! It makes a perfect doll-sized pinata too, as my dear birthday gift so sweetly shows.

Aprilstitchalong2012 ~ Happy Monster Cupcake

April’s Stitchalong was not exactly up my alley, in terms of style, however, going outside of my comfort-zone was a very good thing indeed! Working with felt pieces and altering the design a wee bit was really fun and it ended up making a great Mother’s Day gift for my dear Mom (I backed it with cardboard and another piece of felt and then added a hanger).

Maystitchalong2012 ~ Doll

May has been my favorite stitchalong to date. I went big and detailed and I enjoyed every minute of it! I used a stem-stitch for the first time and this is truly the largest piece I’ve ever worked on. The end result is even better than I imagined it would be and I smile whenever I see it (which is often since it’s been on my dresser, tee-hee).

Junestitchalong2012 ~ Stitch Like Jagger

June, of course, was a wild and crazy peek into my rather whimsical psyche, what with my Stitch Like Jagger tattoo scroll phrase.  Here I utilized color-tinting, thread blending and metallic thread use all for the first time (also tiny letter stitching).  I also feel like the overall result has a somewhat Flapjack quality to it, which, if you are familiar with the cartoon, is awesome.

I hope that everyone who’s done one, two, or all of the stitchalongs so far has had as much fun (or more!) than I have. Perusing the Flickr group has been amazing since there is so much talent and fantastic takes on all of the stitchalongs (not to mention just the sheer amount of embroidery awesomeness). Here’s to more stitching adventures!

Namaste ~ Ella



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