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Yeah, I so went all hilariously zany with my choice of phrase for the scroll on my June Stitchalong Narwhal. I was musing about a few different phrases (including the close contender of “Hey Girl,  Stitch On” – it was a hard choice I tell ya) when the music video for “Moves Like Jagger” came on and I blurted out, hey how about Stitch Like Jagger, and after a massive giggle fit with my friend, it was decided.

Seriously, what’s not to love or at least get a laugh about?!

I used this stitchalong to try my hand at a few new techniques that had piqued my interest. First off, I color-tinted the body (with guidance from Little Dear Tracks easy peasy tutorial) with some soft blues, greens and a bit of peach. It was a fun and really easy process and I’ve always loved to color, so I think I will definitely be doing this a lot more with future projects. Next, I decided to custom blend my threads to achieve some variation in the colors. This was not so easy or fun since I kept tangling the threads and getting knots in everything (I think it’s time to invest in some better quality threads since I know the really cheap stuff does have a rougher texture and thus will tangle and fray a bit more. Besides, it’s a good reason to go thread shopping – yay!). I also added in a strand of sparkling thread (DMC Light Effects in Gemstones, to be precise) to the horn, scroll and lettering, just for effect.

It did turn out quite nicely (I think the horn is one of my most favorite things I’ve stitched this year), but it was such a pain to work with (at least with the other thread I was using). I will so be thinking twice before doing any major projects with that!

All in all, this was another delightful stitchalong and I am really looking forward to seeing what everyone else is doing with theirs and then to next month’s!

Namaste and Happy Stitching ~ Ella

And because no Narwhal post is truly complete without it ~




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