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To Market, To Market

To The Flea Market that is!

Today was the start of the twice-annual local Flea Market that’s held over at the fairgrounds. As has been the tradition of the past few years, we headed over bright and early to partake in the friendly melee of people, junk and yummy treats. Due to the weather scare from the day before (the worst of which missed this area, thank goodness (and the Mountains – they break up so much)!) there weren’t as many vendors as usual, but since we’ll most likely see them in the Autumn, it was alright. What was there was more than enough and we walked away with a few treasures.

First there is this filthy, but still darling rubber kitty. For a dollar I couldn’t say no and with a bit of cleaning he’ll be joining the rest of the rubber toys that are scattered about the house.

Next up is a bag of wooden spools and yet another filthy mess, but this time it’s old buttons! Once cleaned up I’m sure they will find new life as stuffie eyes, trim bits and who knows what else and the spools, well, besides just being neat as all get out, I have a few ideas for them as well (I like to tease and dangle the promise of future blog posts, hope you don’t mind too much..hehehe).

This little gal was another dollar find and I do have a soft spot for tiny, adorable, ceramic treasures. Now I shall show you my ultimate find of the day…wait for it…

Aren’t they wonderful?!!?! I got the pair of them for only five dollars and they are still wrapped in their 1971 plastic wrap! They have a bit of water damage on the very bottom, but that doesn’t detract one bit from their sweetness! I can’t wait to hang these cuties, oh and don’t you just want to give that sad-eyed darling a hug and a puppy?!

On last thing before I sign off, I simply have to share Glory’s absolutely awesome find ~

This is Sebastian Hitchcock and with what I’m calling her ‘pretty face’ discount, she brought him home for less than twenty-five dollars! Oh, the photo-shoots and decorating opportunities to be had! I’m still a bit wary of it because taxidermy kinda freaks me out (ever since I was quite young I was convinced that taxidermy could and would come to life and get me because somehow it would blame me for it’s taxidermied state. Still, I adore Natural History Museums and those places are, pardon the pun, stuffed with it – go figure!) Perhaps Sebastian will help ease my slight phobia?

Anyway, that’s a sum-up of my Flea Marketing adventure (and a small peak into my quirky psyche)  ~ I hope it was a wee little bit entertaining! Enjoy your weekend adventures!

Namaste ~ Ella


2 thoughts on “To Market, To Market”

  1. Tell me more about this Glory…;) Nah I’m just kidding! Great finds and fun adventures! Can’t wait to see what you do with them and your mr. clean eraser!

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