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A Stitch in Time

Planning is good

So the May stitchalong could not be any cuter and I just knew that I’d be making mine into a pancake doll/pillow – one that would be right at home on a couch or at a tea party or cuddled into wee arms (not that I have any wee arms yet – something my dear Mother keeps reminding me and as I keep reminder her I do sorta need/want the guy first, but I digress…). To do that, I had to go big and so big I went and at the time I was all “it’s only May 1st and May is a rather long month so I have plenty of time to do this.”. Wrong-O. Life, you see, has this way of, oh I don’t know, wanting to be lived and I do have a way of forgetting that and then being promptly smacked with reality as I know it. I did actually figure that I would do most of my stitching at night, after dinner whilst watching The Daily Show and Colbert (it’s a habit to do both don’tcha know).

Life, naturally, had other ideas. I got a great start on it but then a week into May everyone around here got quite sick and then a few other things happened and now here I am, almost the end of May and I still have a ways to go on the stitchalong.

So far I am really like how it’s going. The hair is a stem-stitch(red) and back-stitch(the fuschia). The rest is mostly back-stitch as well, though the buttons are a french-knot and the yellow ‘ribbon’ is filled in with seed stitches. I still have the rest of the outlining to do and then I plan to fill in the skirt with blue french-knots and seed stitches. Then there is the backing it with fabric, stuffing it and sewing it shut. The plan right now is to have it done by the end of May – but, of course, life may just have something else to say about that, hehe.

Happy May and Memorial Day weekend everyone!

Namaste ~ Ella


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