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AprilStitchalong2012 A Cupcake Creation

Okay, so here it is April and the new stitchalong from Feeling Stitchy is here right along with the wacky weather (seriously, a tease of warm, now it’s chill and two days from now it’s supposed to be warm again and the pattern will no doubt repeat. Spring is a cruel, yet lovely mistress, no?). I have felt slightly unenthusiastic about this stitchalong, not because it isn’t freaking cute (which it is), but mostly because it’s really not my usual style of cute. Still, I decided to go ahead and stitch along since it’s good to get outside of one’s comfort zone and test new waters and Love and a Sandwich’s Monster Cupcake is certainly a fun way to do just that.

Color-Test Sketch with Cut-out Pattern Pieces

The first thing I did when I sketched out my color-test was to add a bit more happy cute to my Monster Cupcake and so red cheeks and a curved smile of a mouth were a perfect fit. I also decided to go a bit more peachy butter cream with my ‘frosting’ choice (it matched the felt I had on hand, tee-hee). I also happened to have this nice cotton fabric with a great striped pattern that I had only used on the infamous GummyBearPimpBandit (there’s a story I’ll have to share soon!).

Prep-work Pic

One great thing about working with felt is that you can easily lay out the pieces to get an idea of what the finished project will look like (also playing with felt is fun and I think I want to make myself a felt board of some kind, you know as an inspiration board (if I call it that it’ll sound like a genuine work tool and not just an excuse to play, which is what it is and I really don’t care if it is since play is just as important when you’re grown-up as when you are a kid…but I digress, ahem…).

Playing With Felt Pieces

Stitching was easy and a pleasant way to spend an hour while I watched The Daily Show and The Colbert Report on re-run – though all of those little curves were a bit tricky, especially when Weiky wanted to help.

Almost Finished Piece with Color-Test Sketch

I still haven’t backed the finished Happy Monster Cupcake but since I can’t spare the hoop (I only have 3 hoops – I really need to thrift a bit more and what a great reason!) I’m thinking about using a bit of cardboard and felt to do so.

My Happy Monster Cupcake

All in all, it was really a fun stitchalong and I’m glad I just went for it. Of course now I’m craving a real cupcake and I may just have to get myself to the kitchen and whip some up…or get my sis to (hint. hint.).

Namaste ~ Ella


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