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Late Love Delight


So Schmuckles here is a darling of a pom-pom mousie based off of the really, really cute bunny tutorial that’s been bouncing around Pinterest and blog-land (pun fully intended, hehe).

Schmuckles actually started off with the intention of being a bunny, but when I accidentally made the pom-poms bigger than I should of (I used three fingers, not two – gasp!), I started thinking “this is a mouse” and then the ears just came to me in a daydream that I almost forgot in another daydream and so there ya go. I made the wee heart garland with a toothpick that I cut in two and then colored with a sharpie. A bit of embroidery floss and some felt scrap hearts and *bam* cuteness. The base is an old button that I covered after I pulled out the pin part and replaced it with a bit of wire for the feet to slide into. The happy recipient of this Valentine was delighted and I am thrilled to say that Schmuckles is very comfortable in his new home (that is, when Sinny isn’t trying to get him).

Who Me?

Namaste ~ Ella


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