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Welcome Spring

Welcome Spring
Spring is officially here, though if I were to go by the weather and the already blooming pear tree, who’s flowers are already shedding in a showy fashion as sweet green leaves take their place, I’d say Spring was already well entrenched. Like with all seasons, I adore so much about Spring. From the fresh earthy scents of the thawing earth, to the glorious sounds of bird song that seem to swell each day in number, to the hazy green the mountains take on as the promise of the hearty growth that shall be appearing over the next few weeks. Already the windows have been open and at night at least one bedroom window has been kept open to let in the delicious cool of the evening (I find that I sleep better with a bit of fresh air – do you?). The lovely, bright pastels of the season have been popping up all over the web and there are so many things setting off creative sparks in my mind. The activities and decor and projects that I could do and maybe even will do and the promise of longer, warmer days to come…oh, it is exciting!
Gif from Shandilee's Amazing Tumblr
   I do have a few projects to share that I’ve already done and, of course, there are bunnies everywhere that want to make a blog appearance or two (there is something about bunnies that simply begs me to create them…guess they really do multiply like crazy, even in the crafting wild!).
Namaste ~ Ella
Bunny by DIMDI on Etsy

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