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March Stitchalong

Oh my goodness, the March Stitchalong was such fun to do! While each of the four patterns are delightful, this little guy captured my fancy right off the bat and with a bit of planning I was off. I stitched a bit each night as I watched the re-runs of “The Daily Show” and “The Colbert Report” and as the colors kept being added I could feel my joy rising. I’m something of a newbie to embroidery and I have never embroidered anything with so many different colors or with so much satin stitch. To be perfectly honest, I’ve always felt rather intimidated by satin stitch since it seems like so much floss and all of it so neatly lined up in it’s fill-spaces. Something about this cutie whispered to me to just go for it and with that kind of happy inspiration, who could say no? I have an idea or two of what I may do with the finished piece, but I just had to share him now. I don’t know if I’ll have time to do the other pieces this month since I have other projects at hand, that living life thing and, oh yeah, it is my Birthday month (and St. Patrick’s Day, though since they are one and the same I suppose it’s only one event, tee-hee!) but I am glad I found time for this much. Here’s to another fantastic Stitchalong – Feeling Stitchy you guys are awesome!

Happy Stitching and Namaste ~ Ella

Update ~ Okay, so I went ahead and stitched the little cutie into a small stuffie and I think it looks super sweet with my Love me Linda doll Everlind (She was a surprise of a birthday gift from the best friend a gal could ever have!).

Namaste ~ Ella


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