Love is Stitchy

The February Stitchalong over on Feeling Stitchy was a really darling one and I was super excited to, well, stitchalong. I figured it would be a fun and easy little project and I was half right – it was fun. The easy part, not so much. Seriously, it was a somewhat hilarious trial of errors on my part to make this. First I needed wire, which while I do have quite a bit of wire (jewelry mostly) I was after a particular pink spool of it that I just knew I had. After several trips to and from various parts of the house and a rather unnecessary ruckus in my Craft Studio closet (I say it was perfectly justified, thankyouverymuch. harumph!) I managed to locate the sought after wire. Then it was on to what embroidery floss I was going to use – easy, peasy, right? Wrong-o. The color I wanted was in a tangled, knotted mess, due, no doubt, to the very darling and rather mischievous Elves that I swear in habit my creative space (Accidentally dropping a skein of floss into the bottom of my project bag should not lead to it’s tangled ruin…sigh). It took me forever to untangle and neatly wrap the mess up. Once that was done I was set to stitch (and, mind you, all of this was done in fits and starts over the course of a few weeks since I was doing this in little bits of free-time in-between other things). I actually found the tacking of the wire difficult at first since the dang thing kept trying to move about but once I got it wrestled into place all was well. I then, somewhat messily, got it glued onto it’s backing piece (Thank heavens for neat pieces of felt to cover a multitude of odd ends and glue messes!). I was all set to take a photo and get it up when *bam* February was gone and March had started – doh!

So anyway, here is my better-late-than-never contribution to the February Stitchalong. I rather like it and I am so going to display it somewhere as a happy little reminder that even the seemingly simple things can be deceiving but more than worth it, if only for the story, tee-hee!

Namaste ~ Ella


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