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Just a Bit of Musing…

Art is something that adds so much to life, to living. It feeds not only our minds but our very souls. It can be defined as the conscious use of skill and creative imagination especially in the production of aesthetic objects but it is so much more that just this. Art, to those who give themselves over to it’s powers, is food, power, breath – the very essence of being. Artists strive to give a physical shape and form to the creative clatter of their souls and while often the results, to them anyway, are but a mere shadowy echo of what they touched, to so many others it’s is awe-inspiring. Those with the creative flow in their veins (which is everyone, but there are still those who won’t or can’t listen to it for whatever reason, but I digress…) are constantly seeking out ways to hone and perfect the crafts and skills that aid them in their quest to share the buzzing hum in their minds. To pass along the way they see the World around them and to, in some small, unique way, leave their mark on it as so many artists, known and unknown, have done before. Art is a way of being, it is a way of doing and, most importantly of all, it is a way of sharing who you are and learning who others are in turn.

I adore looking at, experiencing and sharing art just as I enjoy creating my own and without either of these I think life would be quite bleak, indeed.

Namaste ~ Ella

Image via Mikey Burton

1 thought on “Just a Bit of Musing…”

  1. You always seem to be able to put words to the inner feels in no way I have ever seen. I am my own kind of artist (aren’t we all ;p) and to live without it would be losing a rather big piece of myself and who I am. Whether it’s living off the creative vibes of power and sheer enjoyment that others bring or my own. It is a way of life, lung and heart! Keep beating! 🙂

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