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A Wee Needle-book Project

After I finished up my Whimsy banner I still felt a bit of a stitching itch and so I decided that since my sewing kit (or sewing bag or whatever else I was currently utilizing as a stash place for my current project…I’m a bit A.D.D./squirrely like that) was devoid of a needle-book I would remedy the situation, stat. I found a thick piece of fabric (not quite sure of it’s origin since it was a found bit of fabric from long, long ago) and cut out two oval-shaped pieces. I then chose a few floss colors I liked and began to free-hand stitch (I am terrible at following patterns, directions, etc and usually just sort of make my own way along). First I made a central grouping of French knots, then I went out with a chain-stitch/split-stitch, followed by a back-stitch and a flower was born…

I still felt like something else was needed and so I added some green leaves and then a few more French knots and a very few seed-stitches in the leaves for good measure. Now that was a lovely little flower and the perfect cover for my needle-case! Moving on I went and cut out two more matching ovals in a hot pink wool felt blend for the inside and I married the pieces together with a lovely-blanket stitch.


…and here’s a slight peek inside (don’t you just love my sparkly thumb nail?!). These pics are not the best since they were all done with Instagram, but until I get a better real camera shot or two, these will simply have to do.

Weiky likes ’em at least!

Namaste ~ Ella


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