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January Stitchalong is Done

Hooray! I finally participated in and completed a stitchalong! It was a lot of fun to do and I enjoyed learning the couching stitch (it’s going to come in quite handy in a few future projects, I’m sure). I decided that instead of creating the Happy New Year banner, I was going to do something a bit more “me” so I went with the word Whimsy (shocker, I know!). I used a piece of this lovely wool felt blend in blue, a creamy colored yarn that was left over from when I remade a vintage rocking horse’s tail (I’ll have to get a pic of that to share – it’s a lovely tail to tell, lol) and embroidery floss in pink and green just because I liked the combination. I went free-hand style with the lettering (which was all well and good until the S – ugh) and I am really delighted with how the dot on the i turned out.

I hung up the finished letters on a bit more of the yarn and I used coordinating clips to hold up the letters. The finished banner currently hangs on the bottom part of my mood board. I am really looking forward to participating in future stitchalongs!

Namaste ~ Ella


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